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Due to the smartness of kittay ^^  I was able to delete and keep from filling my inbox all those viagra and xanax ads (whatever that is in the first place)
So I shall be back with more useless comments soon :D

1.10.06 16:25


I got my driver's license today!! 

 Obviously I feel happy about that - having made it in one go and everything .. but now I sort of feel empty because ever since June I've been spending my time studying for driving school, going to driving school, and doing my driving lessons x.X

 Also, I am getting nervous about leaving.. it's the same as it was in May with my exams "will be good," "will be horrible," "will be good," "will be horrible." lol -.-

I've started "collecting" material that I am going to take to uni with me .. I hope that the 40kg limit will be enough lol .. so much stuff I have to take.  Until now I've only had to worry about clothes when taking the plane to somewhere but now I am practically moving out (not completely obviously) and there's so much to think about x.X


11.9.06 19:06

mmmmh *planning*

Hey everybody,

as I am going to college in *thinks* *calculates* *fails* *uses calculator* 16 days ^^, I am starting to get my stuff together (slowly lol, no rushing here) and I wanted to ask you people if you can think of anything really important that I should have with me..

And please, don't tell me to take "clothes," "your pc," or "a toothbrush." lol - I know that .  But random stuff that one could maybe miss in college .. like a flashlight or a cup.. something like that

Gimme ideaaas x)

7.9.06 13:12


This morning I passed the written exam for my driver's license with 0 mistakes x)
28.8.06 12:25

Yup, here I go again - starting a blog thing. I am doing so because I wanted one place where everybody, who is interested in doing so, can read about my life rather than having one livejournal, one myspace, one ...
I will keep reading your entries in the various places but am most likely not going to write in them anymore.. So please, stop by every so often or subscribe by using "Abonnieren" on the bottom left.  You only have to enter your email address in the box that will then pop up.
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That is all for now,

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23.8.06 23:05


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