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I got my driver's license today!! 

 Obviously I feel happy about that - having made it in one go and everything .. but now I sort of feel empty because ever since June I've been spending my time studying for driving school, going to driving school, and doing my driving lessons x.X

 Also, I am getting nervous about leaving.. it's the same as it was in May with my exams "will be good," "will be horrible," "will be good," "will be horrible." lol -.-

I've started "collecting" material that I am going to take to uni with me .. I hope that the 40kg limit will be enough lol .. so much stuff I have to take.  Until now I've only had to worry about clothes when taking the plane to somewhere but now I am practically moving out (not completely obviously) and there's so much to think about x.X


11.9.06 19:06

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belaaaa (12.9.06 15:36)
thank you, thank you ^^
and I have no clue about the origin of those 4 phrases o_O
the very origin is probably something like 400 years ago, where German and French joined to... lol never mind ^.^
Yeah.. I'm bringing old stuff for the most part and the stuff that IS new is stuff like .. shampoo lol
Whoever steals that.. <.<

Just one more thing -
who are you ^^

(put your names people! ^^)

Asylum Visitor (12.9.06 17:37)
No worries... I shall pay you a visit when my toiletries stash has depleted.

Your Asylum Visitor (aka one of your few visitors who knows what fresher's week is)

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