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mmmmh *planning*

Hey everybody,

as I am going to college in *thinks* *calculates* *fails* *uses calculator* 16 days ^^, I am starting to get my stuff together (slowly lol, no rushing here) and I wanted to ask you people if you can think of anything really important that I should have with me..

And please, don't tell me to take "clothes," "your pc," or "a toothbrush." lol - I know that .  But random stuff that one could maybe miss in college .. like a flashlight or a cup.. something like that

Gimme ideaaas x)

7.9.06 13:12

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(7.9.06 15:31)
uhmmm i can only speak for me and from my own experience... stuff like pens/paper/blaaa should be clear, but also...

- you deffo need something to do for the first days/weeks like books, Anime, Manga etc etc xD

- a printer is kinda handy... for the big scripts of the professors you can usually use the printers at college (at least here) and you only need paper. but often enough you have to print out other stuff too and walking over just for 2 papers or so is sometimes kinda annoying lol

- umbrella(!), i was so glad that i thought of taking one with me xD

- coffee machine? at least for us caffeine-addicts this and the already mentioned cup are absolutely essential x]

- candles and matches/lighter... <.<

- some food you don't have to cook for the first days maybe (those waffles from aldi!!! =D)

- stuff to treat smaller injuries like band-aids, ointment (strange word lol) etc.

- a fly screen? (i have one on my window because it shows to the back side of the house where the wood starts)

- some tools for smaller repairs, like both kind of screwdrivers, pliers and a hammer

- stuff for the bathroom including towels and toilet paper!! xD

mh that's all i can think of atm^^

cya *hugs* <3,
#wvampir :>

Jim Chen (7.9.06 17:09)
A fan, because it gets pretty hot inside the dorm rooms, at least for me.
Small comfy chairs, the chairs here in the dorms are hard and terrible (the beds squeak since they are metal spring beds)
Lots and lots of water or soda
Mini-fridge (cooler)
battery (obvious)
condoms (seriously, we are in the Western World here)
Birth Control pills (people bring these here all the time)
Pepper Spray or Maize or some kind of self-defense mechanism thing
Always leave early for class
Something that really wakes you up if you sleep really late (Coffee does not work if I sleep at 5 AM and wake up at 8 AM)
Things that remind you of your friends, i forgot those
hehe stupid of me
The keys here are unduplicable, so you might want a key chain that goes either around neck or somewhere safe.

belaaaa (7.9.06 17:15)
thanks you two ^^
Some very important things there =D

The only thing about some of the other thing is .. I am going out of country and am only allowed to take 40kg with me .. so some things I just won't be able to take *g*
And.. my uni has restrictions on the electronic devices you're allowed to bring. So, for example, I'm not allowed to bring micro-waves or freezers <.<
Anyways, I added your stuff to my list ^.^

(8.9.06 08:08)
1) kitchen things... pots and pans, spoon, fork, knife. you need them even if you are catered to eat snacks and cut fruits .. oh, Can Opener!
Dont bring any kitchen electronics, the hall kitchen has them.

2) stationeries.. besides the pencil case items... tape, scissors (must be in the check-in!!), post-its

3) at least a few weeks worth of bathroom items... you will not have time to go shopping for awhile

4) blankets/quilts enough for winter

5) BROLLY!!! i.e. the umbrella for the very wet great britain!

oops forgot my name (8.9.06 08:12)
"Things to take" to RHUL:

"What to take to university":

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