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This morning I passed the written exam for my driver's license with 0 mistakes x)
28.8.06 12:25

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Jim Chen (30.8.06 06:01)
Wow! Nice! How'd you do that? I only got 91% in China and I got it through Cheating. <.< I know I am NOT skilled in this kinda stuff now. But anyways, you are GOOD. Marilyn visited Shanghai American School and she said that nothing changed apart from the fact that Mr. Ted Hughson, if you know who that is, dyed his hair brown (errr.... he used to have white hair) Can't imagine what he will look like at all. Imagination failure. But since I see so many trees around me all the time. I will just imagine that he looks like a tree with golden leaves which is not that hard because they are all around me! lol

belaaaa (30.8.06 07:05)
I studied! I studied xD
Yesterday I had my "nightdrive .. lessons" or whatever one should call them and it was fun ^.^ Apart from the fact that my teacher sent me up this terribly steep mountain with turn after turn... I had not driven up a mountain like that before lol and he makes me do it in the middle of the night with tons of rain pouring down on us. Anyways, on the way back I got to take the highway and for about half an hour I drove without (almost) anyone around me and that was relaxing ^^
Then I had a dream (last night.. not while driving) that I crashed. That was less fun lol
Ah you're lucky with the trees -- they're not yellow here yet but they should be because it's freezing like I don't know what .. so it looks like summer but feels like winter -.-
Hope to talk to you soon ^^

(30.8.06 18:45)
0 mistakes! thats great!
Jim cheating and his crazy metaphor about trees with golden leaves

by the way, SAS is freezing inside and coming out of the buildings into the hot sun is like a frozen turkey being thrown into a pre-heated oven.

That is a much better metaphor.

Jim Chen (30.8.06 19:25)
My driving teacher told me to cheat! She said it was no problemo. I was kinda forced to do it. I was studying for my AP exams. I didn't have the time to study for the driving exam. I will come up with a better metaphor I promise! err........ how about trees are like your spine, supporting the environment as the spine supports your body. <- Marilyn to me

belaaaa (30.8.06 19:52)
What's with the contest about metaphors? Did I miss something here? lol

(1.9.06 17:10)
you know that actually none of those 3 are metaphors.
they are similes because they all have "like".

belaaaa (2.9.06 07:29)
true <.<

Jim Chen (3.9.06 03:53)
What if all these stupid similies and my stupidity is just a metaphor for the idiocracy of the society? Marilyn, would that work? but don't kill me even if it is wrong. Oh yeah, I found a new friend that I could probably think of being my friend. I was helpful to her and therefore, she will become my friend. Marilyn, yes, you did predict right, therefore I bow down to you hehe. So Now I am happy! Wheeeeeeee!

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