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Yup, here I go again - starting a blog thing. I am doing so because I wanted one place where everybody, who is interested in doing so, can read about my life rather than having one livejournal, one myspace, one ...
I will keep reading your entries in the various places but am most likely not going to write in them anymore.. So please, stop by every so often or subscribe by using "Abonnieren" on the bottom left.  You only have to enter your email address in the box that will then pop up.
Below every entry, you can click "kommentieren" to leave a comment for the specific entry
"Gästebuch" is my guestbook.  Please leave comments or whatever you feel like leaving in there.
Unfortunately, I cannot change all of the German links into English but if you keep clicking, you should be able to find your way around ^^  I'll be writing in English ..
That is all for now,

please subscribe ^^  I'd appreciate it

23.8.06 23:05

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(24.8.06 07:22)
yay i can learn german now!
wie gehts? bis bald!!


Jim Chen (24.8.06 07:45)
nice new website, good design and everything else. I like it a lot/ Plus we can learn German here. Weeeeeeeeee

bela (24.8.06 08:22)
thank you thank you ^^
Es geht gut, bis bald marilyn ^^

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